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Foundation Repair

Kinetic Basement Solutions offers a variety of foundation repair solutions including:

Crack repair

Kinetic Basements utilizes the newest technology when it comes to basement crack repairs. Incorporating Epoxy resin and carbon fiber not only seals the crack but holds it together!! Injection crack repair available.

FACT - Injection itself is useless as the wall is not re-braced and will continue to move and in turn leak. Fiber Lock fixes the wall structurally as well as for the water.

Bowing wall repair

bowing wall repair

The latest technology allows for a cleaner and more convenient repair of bowing wall at a fraction of the cost!!!

Foundation repair

Kinetic Basements offers solutions for any foundation repair job, large or small. We do full wall replacement or column supports on homes of any size. This includes repairing cracks in your poured walls or completely new foundations and drainage systems. We help save you money and give you the confidence that your problems are solved.

Bowing wall repair saves you big! - Concrete block strapping is the newest technology in block wall repair. We've saved some customers over $15,000 over wall replacement with less mess and aggravation.

Carbon Fiber Repair

fiberlockCarbon Fiber Repair uses a state of the art 2 part epoxy that often includes enormous amounts of prep. Repair holds crack together due to strong carbon fibers with low stretch properties. We are a lead paint certified company and do our best to minimize mess on any painted surface. We are also masons that perform older methods of bowing wall repair when necessary. We feel this is the best repair solution for your particular job and the cheapest. There is no floor space lost, is paintable and looks less like a catastrophic repair in the event you ever sell your home.

What is it? Fiberlock is a carbon fiber strap system that attaches to your wall, stopping expansion between blocks, and preventing your foundation wall from bowing. These straps can be painted over and maintain a better appearance than conventional anchors and bolts.

Repoint / Retuk Block walls

basement block walls
Restore any wall to new condition.

Resurfacing of Foundation Walls Interior / Exterior

Basement Walls

Bulk Head Doors/Windows

Bilco Doors

Fun Fact!! Bilco doors are a brand of bulk head door.

Concrete Slabs

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