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Reviewed By: Hal O
Location: Scotia, NY

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Comment We purchased our house about 8 years ago. It had been empty for two years prior to our purchase. Fortunately the basement was empty and the floor was dry however there was a musty smell. There was no sump pump but the walls were dry. I connected with Kinetic Basement Solutions and they came over to inspect the basement. Kinetic Basement found that since the house was empty for two years, the gutter system was in disrepair and water was up next to the house when it rained. They found that the water had leached into the cinder block foundation and was leaking into the basement's french drain. They dug up the inside perimeter of the basement and replaced the french drain with a drainage system that connected to a sump pump that they installed. In addition they installed a moisture barrier on the walls of the basement and moved the gutter discharge away from the house. They also replaced the old basement windows with new double pane windows.
They doubled the living space of our house because now the basement has no smell and is maintained at a lower humidity to prevent mold and mildew.
Kinetic Basement has the DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME attitude and is focused on CUSTOMER SATISFACTION!
Overall Rating 5 Stars

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