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Basement Waterproofing & Crawl Space Repair in Rexford

Water Damage Restoration

Kinetic Basement Solutions can solve all your basement waterproofing and moisture problems. We take pride in creating safe, healthy environments and comfortable living environments, so when you choose Kinetic Basement Solutions, you're choosing our commitment to quality and customer service. We are also a lead based paint and radon certified company.

Kinetic Basement Solutions is the right choice for all of your basement waterproofing needs! Solve your basement water and moisture problems today by learning about our solutions for

  • Crack repair
  • Sump pumps & pits
  • Basement drainage
  • Basement / crawl space moisture issues

We also offer masonary repair including retaining walls and chimneys.

If you are ready for a cleaner, safer home, just contact us at 518-255-8583 right away for help.

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Completed Jobs from Rexford
Ryan G
April 22, 2021
We installed (1) egress window, (2) grate sump liners, (1) fast sump pump, (1) grate products high water alarm, (1) strip of grate trench, (1) discharge line, 200 feet of grate drain, 200 feet of thermal shield vapor barrier, and repaired (3) cracks.
Dave D
November 11, 2013
We installed (8) Bowing Wall straps using our carbon fiber repair state of the art 2 part epoxy.
Cindy C
May 21, 2015
We installed 83 feet of grate drain, (1) santa-fe classic dehumidifier and (1) sump liner.
Joanne F
October 2, 2015
We installed (4) lines of gutter drainage, (4) window wells, (1) sump pit, (1) pro series 3033 pump, (1) grate trench, and 155 feet of grate drain.
Photo Caption Craig S
October 25, 2016
We installed: (24) Bowing Wall Straps, (1) Sump Pit, (2) Pro Series 3033 Pump, (1) Strip of Grate Trench, 166 Feet of Grate Drain, Thermal Shield Vapor Barrier, (4) Window Wells, (1) Santa Fe Compact Dehumidifier,