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Testimonials for Kinetic Basement Solutions

Testimonial of Francis

I keep getting frost heaves in my garage floor. KBS found the problem where the water was coming in under the slab. They put in a new slab this time with drainage. They explained the problem perfect and I was impressed with their knowledge of my issues.

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Testimonial of Phil

Kinetic Basements was the third company to try and fix the water problem in my basement. Now it’s so dry that my wife and I are going to start remodeling the new usable space.

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Testimonial of Sam

I’ve never hired a more professional on time construction crew. They were knowledgeable and friendly. For the first time since I bought my home I feel like I got what I paid for.

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Testimonial of Robert

My wife and I get water in our camp every time it rains. Kinetic was able to do a bunch of small but effective stuff to the outside of our camp. We have not had a problem since.

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Testimonial of David

Had several estimates over 10,000 dollars to replace a block wall in my 1950’s home. Our last estimate was done by Kinetic Basements. For a 1/3 of the price of what a new wall would have been and only a 3 day job, they strapped my existing wall and retu

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Testimonial of Matt

I wanted to thank KBS for the prompt and professional job they completed in my basement. The crack repair they performed was top shelf job and my new pump backup system looks and functions perfectly!

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Testimonial of Amber

My sump pump in my house died on me all the time. I thought all pumps were the same quality. Kinetic put a pro series in and it’s been three years running, perfect!

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Testimonial of John & Sarah

We get floods every spring like clockwork; till Kinetic came and installed a sump pump and a new pit. We thought we were going to have to move but the problem wasn’t that serious.

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Testimonial of Jack P

My child and I have had numerous allergy issues and my doctor recommended we get rid of all the carpets in my house. He also suggested an air purification system.

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Testimonial of Samantha

I had an actual stream running through my basement one morning when I woke up. I heard a scary noise and to my surprise my basement wall collapsed and we had 3 feet of water on the floor of the basement.

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