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Maintaining a Basement in the Adirondacks

Maintaining a basement in the Adirondacks

The Adirondacks are probably one of the toughest areas in the country to control a healthy living environment and structural longevity of residential basements. We are faced with first the need for basements or at least crawl spaces due to our 3’ deep frost during winter four months of the year. Due to this frost and grand movement a strong deep foundation is vital. It does not stop there however. Adirondack Basements are faced with difficult soil content, AKA clay mix and lots of water. Both of which are destructive to your home and your health. Here are some tips and common knowledge that is good for every homeowner to know to keep their home and families from costly troubles and repairs.

Problem 1: Moisture in Basement

Solution: Lower humidity with an energy efficient dehumidifier that is large enough to keep up with a large basement that is common in this area. We recommend Santa Fe brand dehumidifiers. Newer vinyl double paned windows are also recommended if older windows are present. A quality dehumidifier can lower humidity to below 50% which makes the mold become dormant providing a healthier living environment.

Problem 2: Surface Water

Solution: Windows and window wells installed by a professional as well as proper back grading of the soil, which is where we would bring in a large amount of top soil to pitch the runoff water away from your home. Gutters for roofs with lines that run underground can also be placed to direct the water away from the foundation. (Generally within 20’ from the home.)

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Fact! Gutters alone add to water problems by consolidating up to 1000 gallons of water at downspout location next to structure. Gutters must be brought 15 to 20 feet away to be helpful and not harmful to your home.

Problem 3: Water coming in through foundation walls

Solution: Placement of Grate Drain sealed water system. We recommend only fully sealed systems with access ports for cleaning. On new construction, we also recommend a MarFlex of H&C coating (Liquid Rubber Membrane) on walls and footing. We then backfill with sand on top of a true French Drain style footing drain ran to daylight or pump system. Top soil is used to encapsulate the top of sand for use back grading surface water away from home.

Problem 4: Water coming up from floor at base of walls

Solution: Placement of a Grate Drain underneath the concrete slab. Drainage pipe is installed; French Drain style with ¾ inch stone for drainage then concrete is laid over the top for a completely sealed system. Grate sump pumps and pits are put in place, which bring hydrostatic pressure down while not breathing moisture back into the air. For all your Adirondack Basement needs, Kinetic Basement Solutions is your one stop shop!



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