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360 Degrees of Basement Protection

Basement drainage installations vary from several feet of piping to 360 degrees of protection. Kinetic Basement Solutions can install drainage systems in sections so if you need only one wall done, it's no problem. This means that later on it can be easily converted into one full system.

Our Pinnacle Protection incorporates wall vapor barrier with a full 360 degree of drainage just inside the basement walls.

This means two things: First, any water coming in from the perimeter of the basement hits the drainage pipe immediately. Second, any water coming up from the middle of the slab will have to travel less distance than if you have a pit in one corner of the basement. This is very important when you have clay soil under your slab or when the slab lacks a draining stone below it.

The best way to fix a wet basement is to have a full-perimeter drainage system installed in your basement.

We provide homeowners with a custom-designed drainage system to suit their home specifically. Installation is quick and efficient with our experienced crews completing most waterproofing system in less than two days.

After installation, your home is awarded its healthy basement certification as well as a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

Sealed Drainage System

Access points within the drainage system allow iron bacteria cleaning and make radon system incorporation possible. These access points are part of the sealed system design eliminating unseen hazards that can form behind finished walls, like mold & moisture. Sealing is the most important part of any waterproofing system.

Drainage Fact! Did you know the French drain is American? It was invented 150 years ago in Concord, Massachusetts by a man named Henry French. At the time basement moisture was the leading cause of disease and sickness. Henry French pioneered the understanding of these dangers as well as designing the underground drainage to be used as water moisture control. This knowledge has since saved the lives of many, and is a constantly evolving industry.

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Vapor Barriers

Vapor Barriers are not just for moisture. Used in conjunction with under slab drainage, it creates a sealed barrier from moisture and water. This way it’s a truly a "one of a kind" complete basement protection solution for mold, mildew, radon and their odors. The vapor barrier itself is a tear resistant 16 millimeter thick impermeable fabric. This fabric can be used in a crawl space or in basement walls to completely stop moisture and cut down on radon entering your home.

Insulated Vapor Barrier

Also available is an R-9 two sided foil. This is a non organic barrier that works like our original barrier but with insulating qualities. Due to earth berm of surrounding soil, basements do not require insulation of interior walls. R-9 insulation vapor barrier is all you need.

Recommended Drainage Systems

Kinetic Basement Solutions offers a wide range of basement waterproofing products and drainage systems. Our experienced project managers will custom design a perimeter drainage system to suit your basement specifically.

  • GrateDrain™ (for general basement water problems)
  • GrateTrench™ (for bulkhead water problems)
  • FinishShield™ Vapor Barrier (for wall drainage directly into the GrateDrain system

We also offer the state-of-the-art, multi-patented GrateSump™ Sump Pump System.

Battery Backup Systems are also available for purchase.

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