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When E-Z Breath® is the Solution - A Checklist


There are times when the E-Z Breath® and/or the behavior of the occupants will not afford optimal results and may require additional support. This checklist will help the contractor/homeowner determine when additional support will be required.

  1. Does the homeowner use air conditioning in the summer?

    This is critical. If the homeowner does not condition the area adjoining the pathway for the replacement air to the basement or crawlspace, the E-Z Breath® alone is not going to achieve desirable humidity in that basement/crawlspace. The E-Z Breath® will achieve similar conditions as are found on the first floor. It first floor humidity levels are high, it will not be possible for the E-Z Breath® by itself to lower humidity levels downstairs period.

    For optimal performance the area adjoining the pathway for the replacement air is to be maintained below 50% relative humidity. If conditioned air is NOT available, additional support will be required. Running a dehumidifier with the E-Z Breath® is one possible solution. We recommend plumbing that dehumidifier to a drain in order to eliminate any standing water in the bucket that will only contribute to higher humidity levels.

  2. Do any occupants have allergies, asthma, COPD, etc?

    If any of these conditions are present, E-Z Breath® will make a difference for the person(s) suffering from these ailments. Ventilation, the removal of stale, contaminated air and replacing that with fresh air is always desirable even for people with no known ailment or condition. It is required by code that the indoor air in schools, workplaces, restaurants and retail stores be changed over roughly every 3 hours. However, in our homes we have no such building requirements and most homes have no such system. Contaminants often become more concentrated contributing to Sick Home Syndrome. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports indoor pollutant levels inside the average American home are a minimum of “five times more polluted than outdoor air”.

  3. Does the home have an attached garage?

    According to all known research and the EPA’s Indoor airPLUS program, any home with an attached garage should have a dedicated exhaust ventilation system to prevent garage air from being pulled/pushed into your living area. Carbon monoxide, benzene, VOC’s from stored items in the garage are all hazardous to the health and safety of the home and family.

  4. Are there radon concerns?

    E-Z Breath® is not marketed as a radon mitigation system; however a history of over 12 years of testing results indicate a significant reduction in radon gas, usually below the action level of 4 picocuries per liter. It’s virtually impossible for the E-Z Breath® NOT to reduce the radon gas. As the contaminants and polluted air are exhausted to the outside, so is the radon gas. It is through this process that E-Z Breath® has been scientifically proven many times to reduce and maintain acceptable levels of radon.

  5. Any additional source of contaminants that is a nuisance or concern?

    Pet areas; aquariums; cat litter boxes; kennels; hobby areas where chemicals, paints, vanishes, woodworking are used/done; cigarette/cigar/etc. smoking; hot tubs; indoor pools; etc.

All of these produce contaminants and odors so source/spot ventilation is a viable strategy to remove the contaminants in order to prevent them from reaching unhealthy levels.

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