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Here are projects we've finished for customers like you.

Customer Photo Solutions Provided
Chris F
Great Barrington, MA
August 29, 2020

Umesh P
Clifton Park, NY
August 3, 2020

We installed (1) egress window. 

Bryan, L
Mechanicville, NY
July 24, 2020

We installed (2) grate sump liners, (1) fast sump pump with 3 year warranty, (1) strip of grate trench, (1) high water alarm, (1) discharge line, and (1) wise aire 95 dehumidifier.

Jeanine M
Buskirk, NY
July 9, 2020

We installed (2) grate sump liners, (1) fast sump pump, (1) high water alarm, (1) check valve, (1) joiner, (1) ice cop, (1) discharge line and (1) bubbler pot.

Ruth S
Clifton Park, NY
July 3, 2020

We installed (2) grate sump liners, (2) fast sump pumps, (1) strip of grate trench, (1) joiner, (1) high water alarm, (2) check valves, and repaired the two discharge lines

Taryn H / Elise M
Troy, NY
June 19, 2020

We repaired the main crack in her foundation wall using our carbon fiber crack repair kit.

David S
Delmar, NY
June 18, 2020

We installed (8) bowing wall straps, and repaired the step cracking with our carbon fiber repair kit.

Stephen K
Schoharie, NY
May 21, 2020

We installed (8) bowing wall straps and repaired the step cracking using our carbon fiber repair kit. We also installed (2) window wells and brought grade up along foundation.

Kyle & Lindsay H
Albany, NY
April 20, 2020

We installed (2) Grate Sump Liners, (1) Fast Sump Pump, (1) Grate Products High Water Alarm, (1) Strip of Grate Trench, (1) Discharge Liner, 99 feet of Grate Drain, 99 feet of ThermalShield Vapor Barrier, (2) Egress Windows and fixed grading along foundation.

Meagan B
Niskayuna, NY
April 14, 2020

We installed a new sump pump and discharge line.

Haven B
Glenmont, NY
April 1, 2020

We installed a second pump

Al W
Schenectady, NY
March 30, 2020

We installed (2) fast sump pumps, grate drain, thermal shield vapor barrier and a Santa Fe Advance 2 Dehumidifier. We also repaired the bowing walls using our carbon fiber repair kit.

Kathy H
Glenville, NY
March 21, 2020

We repaired the wall cracks with our carbon fiber repair kit, installed a floor lateral so water can be deterred to our drain system, installed (2) window wells, fixed grading along foundation.

Mike N
Glenville, NY
March 13, 2020

We sealed around the pipe, broke out floor, installed a dry well, put carbon fiber around area, and ran vapor barrier down to the floor.

Venu C
Clifton Park, NY
January 30, 2020

We installed (1) sump pump.

Brett H
Petersburg, NY
January 24, 2020

Eddie M
Clifton Park, NY
January 23, 2020

Mike B
Waterford, NY
January 17, 2020

Camelia S
Rotterdam, NY
January 4, 2020

Denise O
Schenectady, NY
December 31, 2019

John H
Ballston Lake, NY
December 27, 2019

Jeff D
Selkirk, NY
December 23, 2019

Kernan & Liz D
Glenville, NY
December 20, 2019

Dave D
Amsterdam, NY
November 23, 2019

Stacy C
Clifton Park, NY
November 15, 2019

We installed (2) egress windows.

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