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Sump Pump Systems in Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs and all of Eastern NY

Sump Pump Systems in Albany, Troy, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs, Clifton Park and all of Upstate NY


Quality Sump Pumps - Unmatched Performance and Reliability!

Sump pumps are the only mechanical feature in a drainage system. That is why it is really important to use a pump system that you can depend on. Kinetic Basement Solutions recommends only submersible pumps that last longer and allow for a sealed system to be possible. The GrateSump™ Sump Pump System that we carry includes a constant run capable pump that is also used in fountains and outdoor irrigation. These pumps achieve this level of durability through tighter tolerance, all steel construction and actual ball bearings. No plastic bushings in these pumps!! GrateSump™ Sump Pump Systems come with a warranty and features that are overlooked in other pump kits.


Pump Liner

Our GrateSump™ liner has large punched holes that allow ground water to easily enter and to be pumped out and has a built in pump stand which keeps dirt away from the sump pump impeller.

Traditional Liners - Common Problems/Issues

  • Placed too deep, these can undermine the footing of your home, as the bottom half of the pit is rendered useless due to switch placement.
  • Few or no holes in sides allows little water volume in and doesn't take advantage of irrigation stone under your slab
  • Non-sealed top, allowing moisture into the air of your basement which can cause a multitude of problems

Battery Backup Protection

We always recommend adding battery backup protection to our GrateSump™ by upgrading to the GrateSump™ Plus or GrateSump™ Plus ll. It's common sense, with heavy storms often come power outages.

Every sump pump installation comes with a connection to your home alarm system that will alert the fire department in the event you are not home. We also install a 9 volt battery alarm to notify anyone at home of a pump failure.

If you are in need of a basement sump pump, contact Kinetic Basement Solutions today at 518-255-8583.

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Sub pump system

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